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Advanced Insulation Services utilizes an eco-friendly Heatlok line of products that incorporate recycled plastics and renewable oils to create high performing, closed cell, spray foam insulation. Heatlok can be used in both commercial and residential construction, on the interior and exterior, to create a specially engineered building envelope providing an air barrier, vapor barrier, insulation, and drain plane in one application. Heatlok is designed to exceed future sustainability goals by giving building professionals an opportunity to gain up to 10 LEED points, while also providing a low flame spread (per ASTM E-84).


Heatlok XT High Yield

  • Superior Yield
  • Up To 10 LEED Points
  • 22% Recycled & Renewable Content
  • 2” Lift Per Pass


Heatlok XT High Lift

  • Spray 4” In One Pass
  • Low Exothermic Reaction
  • 22% Recycled & Renewable Content


Heatlok Soy 200 Plus High R

  • Industry Leading R-7.4 @ 1 Inch
  • 14% Recycled & Renewable Content
  • 3” Lift Per Pass
  • ABAA Approved


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    Cellulose Insulation

    Cellulose insulation is a non-toxic, environmentally safe insulation product with no adverse health effects. Cellulose is non-corrosive to steel, copper, or aluminum, and will not lose its energy saving capabilities over time. This makes cellulose the perfect solution to your insulation needs.

    Cellulose insulation will not rot, or decay, and does not promote fungus or mold growth.


    Blow In Insulation

    Our innovative blowing equipment ensures a clean and effective installation. When done by a professional, blown in insulation will be one of the greenest choices for your home or commercial building, and provide you with some of the greatest energy savings available.


    Spray in Insulation

    Spray in insulation fills space without voids, and is capeable of covering pipes and wires without gaps. Properly installed by an expert, spray in insulation can stop air infiltration and seal in air, creating an energy efficient environment.

    Advanced Insulation is dedicated to providing you with a great investment that is going to provide you with noticeable savings on your energy bills. Both Blown in and Spray in cellulose insulation is more efficient than other solutions, and is easy to install.


    We believe in providing environmentally friendly solutions to all of our clients. That is why we are a proud supplier of Demilec for all of our insulation projects. You can learn more at www.demilec.com


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